Enriching lives, empowering communities

Since 2007, Guinness Ghana Breweries Ltd (GGBL) through our flagship community investment programme – Water of Life has, and continues to enrich lives and empower local communities through sustainable access to clean drinking water.

The Water of Life programme supports Diageo (GGBL’s parent company) commitment to enable access to clean drinking water to 1 million people across Africa every year until 2015. The programme also supports and contributes to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 – Clean water and sanitation.

Determined by local needs, projects adopts a diversified portfolio approach supporting practical solutions that meet community needs such as boreholes – to provide ground water to small rural communities, mechanized, small town water delivery and extension systems for fairly large peri-urban communities, WaterHealth Centres for larger peri-urban and urban communities and point of use filtration systems for household use.

Projects that are supported by the programme must meet strict selection criteria to be considered. These include, but not limited, to overall sustainability, impact, local need and ownership

Water of Life acts as a catalyst – transforming/significantly improving the basic wellbeing and opportunity for socio-economic development of vulnerable communities through:

  • reduction of water-borne diseases, Neglected Tropical Diseases (NDTs) and infant mortality
  • Fostering community building through the shared management of a valuable community asset (e.g. community organisation running a water station)
  • Providing a source of livelihood, supporting local cottage enterprises
  • Freeing women’s/girls’ time by significantly cutting the many hours traditionally spent fetching water

For more info on the Water of Life programme and other social responsibility initiatives GGBL supports, contact us on GGBL@diageo.com

To find out more about some of the communities that have benefited from the Water of Life programme, read the case studies below