Alcohol in Society

We sell products enjoyed by many and central to celebrations, relaxation and entertainment in many cultures. GGBL understands that the harmful use of alcohol can affect our consumers and society and to an extent our business’ reputation and continuity. We believe alcohol can be enjoyed in the right way and the fact that it has been in existence for several centuries is proof that it can be consumed enjoyably. However, recent developments have led to efforts to discredit alcohol use due to deterioration in trust for the industry.

GGBL has taken a lead role in Ghana promoting responsible drinking through our Alcohol in Society programmes. With trusted brands, we are creating shared value for us and the society. As a subsidiary of Diageo, we are one of the 13 leading global producers to sign a set of commitments to reduce alcohol misuse over the next 5 years (See CEO’s Commitment). We run 3 separate responsible drinking programmes to educate consumers, employees and society.

Our programmes are aimed at partnering with institutions to change attitudes and behaviours. This includes making information available to consumers through our marketing strategies, rolling out programmes to address alcohol misuse, advocating for effective alcohol policy and ensuring a balanced debate.

In marketing, we spend a mandatory percentage of our Advertising and Promotion budget on Alcohol in society issues.  GGBL is committed to show leadership in our industry by working in partnership with the Ministry of Health, the Ghana Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD), the Ghana Private Roads and Transport Union (GPRTU), the Drivers Vehicle and License Authority (DVLA), industry regulators and other stakeholders to promote high industry-wide standards in responsible marketing and selling.

We continuously roll out educative programmes to help consumers and customers make these informed choices.

  • Employee Alcohol Policy - As charity begins at home, we educate our new employees on the effects of alcohol and alcohol abuse. We also have strict guidelines on alcohol use whiles operating machinery. These and other practices are entrenched in our Employee Alcohol Policy.
  • Twa Kwano Mmom – This is an educative and psychoanalytic programme with embedded measurement and evaluation aimed at influencing behavioural changes among commercial drivers.
  • What’s Your DrinkiQ – This is a fun filled alcohol education programme aimed at educating and equipping young people to make informed choices/decision around alcohol.

Both ‘Twa Kwano Mmom’ and ‘What’s Your DrinkiQ’ are delivered in conjunction with Clinical Psychologists from the University of Ghana Medical School.

Our consumers are important to us, so we strive to be proud of what we do for them and how we behave as a business. Our core values underpin our views on the role of alcohol in society and they are why we are so committed to encouraging our consumers to make responsible decisions about their own drinking choices.