GGBL Pan Africa Early Career Programme

We go to great lengths to seek out the people we believe are best suited to driving our business forward.

The GGBL Early Career program started as a non- Pan Africa program back in sept 2007. The program went pan Africa in 2009. From 2009 till date, GGBL has recruited a total of 64 graduates across all disciplines; Engineering, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Human Resource etc. unto the program and still counting. Beginning of every financial year, GGBL advertises to recruit passionate and determined Ghanaian graduates with a second class upper or better degree who have also completed their National service.

A very rigorous assessment process is used to select the best candidates out of the thousands who apply to be part of the program. A great induction with a comprehensive, action packed and fun activities play a key role in setting up the graduates for success and facilitating their smooth transition into a fulfilling role. The graduates are also introduced to the organization’s history, mission and vision and given a sense of why they are a good fit with company culture.

The programme spans 3 years in real roles with 3 rotations in a 12 –18 month cycle. Some rotations may include working in other markets within Africa but this is strictly based on performance. There is also a structured development plan to build functional and leadership capabilities of Early Career Trainees.

What the programme offers

The programme offers a range of exciting experiences, a chance to build relationships across borders and lots of opportunities to stretch and grow. There is also a depth of development experiences based on your development requirements for personal growth including:

  • Exposure – Functional/Local/Regional Leadership Teams and General Managers (GMS) via connect events, spotlighting, and other events.
  • Projects – local/intra functional/operational projects to cross-functional/cross-market/strategic projects, sponsored by the Functional Leaderships
  • International Rotations – Opportunities for intra-Africa moves for 12-18 months that are - performance and business need based.
  • Accelerated Development  plan – Fast-tracking onto functional and leadership  programs including a 2-4 week induction to introduce you to Diageo Africa and the broader business and time in Sales and Supply
  • Career Support – Senior Manager coaching, mentoring and Career Development Courses/Development Centers.
  • Networking – learning groups set up across markets to build functional knowledge and broader business experience
  • An attractive reward and benefits package